MiniMOB Educational Robot


MiniMOB robots embody the simplest and most direct introductory robot builder’s project. They are small, robust, craftable and hackable robots ready to use every bit of its circuitry as a launch pad for your creativity and imagination.  If you are just getting started in making robots that are capable of providing some great first challenges, and a foundtation for more robot projects, the MiniMOB might just be your new favorite companion in the classroom or at home!

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MiniMOB robots are an introductory robot building project. They are small, robust,  hackable robots that are a launchpad for your creativity and imagination. MiniMOBs are an easy to build configurable robot, so whether you are making you first hands-on robot companion or testing new sensors and learning to write code,  the MiniMOB is your best companion in the classroom, tinker lab,  or at home. MiniMOBs are affordable enough that instead of using a robot and leaving it behind. Students  take their MiniMOB robot home and continue to build upon the STEM lessons they learned. 

Our MiniMOB Robots have inspired district-wide fifth graders, high school pre-engineering students, and all-ages summer camps and community workshop participants.  These easy to build robots serve as a perfect first steps for anyone beginning robotics and the various science, technology, and communication disciplines that robotics can teach. Curious about what this little robot can do? Check out our project page for assembly instructions and STEM projects:

Educators are especially pleased with the simplicity and affordability of the MiniMOB, they are one of the most complete, low-cost robotics solutions on the market. MiniMOBs compete with more expensive platforms in curriculum and flexibility but with a price that fits in a classroom or afterschool program’s budget. Using industry-standard parts, skills learned with MiniMOB are easily transferable to other technical fields and it is simple to add on and create beyond the initial robotics kit.

Educators can always contact us for classroom and specialized pricing!


The MiniMOB Kit Includes:

Core Kit

  • 1 ea. MiniMOB
  • 1 ea. Arduino clone microcontroller w/ USB cable
  • 2ea. body plates
  • 2ea. continuous rotation servos
  • 2ea. laser cut wheels
  • 1 ea. 4xAA size battery pack
  • 1ea. Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Zip Ties

Experimenter Kit, Additional Sensors and Accessories

  •  1 ea. Ambient Light Sensor
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • 2x Prewired LEDS
  • Wire Jumpers



Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 3 x 4 in

Core, Experimenter


Wood-Walnut Stain, Wood-Blonde Birch, Wood-Cherry Stain, Wood-Ebony Stain, Clear Acrylic, Yellow Acrylic, Green Acrylic, Red Acrylic, Blue Acrylic, Purple Acrylic, Orange Acrylic


1-25, 26-50, 51-100


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