Live Puppet Studio: Armature Kit


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The craft of puppetry is a tinker’s art that is hundred of years old. Posing and choreographing puppets led to pioneering ventures in stop motion and film from the beginning of cinema and is still carried on today by award winning film studios and film companies. But unlike most movies made today, stop motion puppetry can start in your home and workshop. All it takes is a big imagination, and some simple tools that allow you to make your ideas for the heroes of your own stories to become real.

Our Live Puppet Studio Armature kit is the perfect tool you need to craft your own puppet for stop motion. Made with makers in mind, you can create any type of body shape for the characters in your stories. From great creatures to humanoid constructs, our armature kits are modular so you can construct limitless creature constructs.

Included in each Kit are enough rods and plates to make ~3 puppets, and all of the pieces can be reused in new combinations as you see fit.

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