Box Engine: Board Game Making Engine


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Inventing Board Games is easy and fun. To get started you simply need to pick your favorite things about board games, and your favorite thing that you want to make a board game about. It’s a great introduction to the theory and practice of making games and inventions as a whole. In Box Engine, you have the materials need to put those ideas onto real pieces for board games. Box Engine is complete with customizable components for any game. They come ready for your art and imagination to make the next amazing pastime for the world.

Every Box Engine Essentials Kit Includes:

-2 Blank decks of playing cards
-12 ea. Blank Dice ( 6 white, six assorted colors)
-36 assorted tiles and tokens
-1 quad fold game board
-36 ea. Standing Tiles and Tokens

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Essentials Kit, Workshop Kit, Classroom Kit


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