MOJIPODS are creatures of Craft and Code. Create a unique and compelling experience to teach through coding and your own crafty modifications.

They start out is simple as a biped walker with two cute feet. It can dance, emit colors, explore and perform a bunch of fun projects and experiments with you to guide them. You can add features to Mojipods like wings, arms, ears and more. We are building an open library of files for laser cutting and 3D printing for everyone to make at home.

An ecosystem of creatures has come to life with inspiration from biology, science, pop culture, and fantastic creatures of myth and legend.

Our initial set of  creature designs are the Cuttlepod, Flutterpod, Dracopod, and Equuipod, with more unique and exciting concepts ready for stretch goals and future release. You customize each type of Mojipod with feet, wing, and head elements, and you can even combine several different types of parts to make your own unique species of robot, never before seen until now!

Mojipod is coded with Arduino based software, and the drag and drop programming interface of Ardublocks, making new features and experimental modifications easy to develop and mix into customized personalities.  Starting from our base prototype, with literally each new step Mojipod grows with your skills in craft and code. By mixing in your favorite programs together, your Mojipod takes on a life of its own.

Our technologies are based upon open-source Arduino electronics and software, with custom libraries allowing for block coding and present functions like dance moves, obstacle avoidance, RGB led programs and effects, and remote control via bluetooth in real time.

Mojipod can pulse RGB colors,emit and react to sound, explore and avoid obstacles, and play audio and animated facial expressions. They are functional social robots that can expand their talents and personalities and skills right along with you.

Each and every Mojipod is personalized by their maker, and are faithful friends to everyone they meet.

We are just about ready to complete our first set of prototypes, and plan on making a limited release of robots for makers in the near future. Sign up for our newsletter today to be the first to know!