MiniMOB Super Sumo!

MiniMOB robots aren’t your average robot. When you build a MiniMOB you begin many great adventures. Our unique lessons dictate that some creativity be put into each step of the learning process. By the end of the workshop, you will have made more than a robot. You will have created your very own companion with personality,and you will know how to teach your robot to do extraordinary things.


Educational and Entertaining

minimobsumoOne of the most popular robotics activities for aspiring engineers is the sumo battle.  MiniMOB’s ultrasonic eyes let it hunt down its opponent and charge to push them out of the ring! Even the required five second countdown is evolved, because our piezo theremin lesson to incorporate a 5 second “war chant” that each robot maker can learn to make their own. Rules and requirements are accounted for, but each robot sounds off in its own voice before the big match.

Anyone can teach the MiniMOB to think. Whether or not this is the first robot you have ever built, MiniMOB can evolve and grow right there with you.  You can use every bit of the Arduino micro-controller without worrying about driving too much energy to sensitive parts.



IMG_20160620_155911Versatile Launchpads for Robotics

MiniMOB can achieve the best function and capability while keeping costs low. When we can mix the capabilities of multiple sensors, we get a smart and compact robot that is teachable to do just about anything you might like to code, and even more so when new mechanical augmentations and smart sensors are just a laser cut and kit away..’


Check out one of the Sumo rounds from our latest workshop at JUMP in downtown Boise!

We had a ton of fun at the workshop, and developed some really cool additions to the standard robot sumo code! We’ve added a link to our latest and greatest sumo code on the MiniMOB builder page here.. ——–>

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