Community Education Workshops

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We are grateful to be able to work with our local community and to listen to their ideas of

things they would like to make, build, or experiment with.

We have a great amount of passion for each and every person that decides to pick up a project, or

takes on a learning curve to satiate their curiosity. We offer our help in those pursuits as often as we

can and to the best of our abilities.

Progressive local community centers and educational institutions work extremely hard every day

to provide new and exciting inspiration, resources, and education for everyone, and it is up to us to

support their work in whatever way we can.

This fall we are proud to be working with Boise Schools Community Ed and local libraries on a wide

variety of evening classes—perfect for the curious citizen scientist in all of us. From tiny robots, to

prototyping and designing first inventions, we have something you might love to explore. Please

peruse our Calendar located on the right sidebar to see what Citizen Scientific Workshop is up to!



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